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Full tactical overview

for decision-makers

The Benelizer® Score Map
Benelizer® Cloud can be used to understand root causes, prioritize efforts, and track progress for a wide range of business challenges. The Score Map provides the primary tactical overview for decision-makers.

The blue squares represent a portfolio of decision objects that require improved tactical overview and decision-making. The decision objects may represent projects, opportunities, products, services, departments, markets, suppliers, or competitors. The position of each decision object on the Score Map is determined by two independent variables that support overview, prioritization, and decision-making, e.g. “likelihood of success vs. importance”, “customer value vs. profit”, “quality vs. time-to-market”, or “risk vs. benefit”. For each decision object, four signal flags indicate the score of the key parameters that determine the value of each variable and thereby the position on the Score Map. The variables and parameters reflect the goals and type of decisions that can be taken by the decision-makers.

In Benelizer® Cloud, the Score Map is presented as a dynamic dashboard with easy access to multi-dimensional filters, data drill-down, history, and other details relevant for various decision-making situations.

The Benelizer® Score Map offers the following unique benefits:
Full tactical overview and visibility
A tactical overview is only useful when it includes all decision objects competing for the same resources and attention, and when root causes and possible actions are highlighted. Otherwise, it can lead to delayed, myopic, or sub-optimal decision-making. The Score Map provides a concise, top-down view of all relevant decision objects with clear indications of root causes and possible actions. It makes it possible to take multiple, coordinated, targeted, and simultaneous decisions. The methodology does not impose requirements for decision objects to have a specific or similar maturity level. Additionally, it does not mandate that decision objects belong to the same organizational unit, follow the same processes, or have extensive or similar sets of documentation. This flexibility enables decision-makers to include all relevant decision objects on a single map without creating an administrative overload. Furthermore, it allows decision-makers to advance critical decisions as the score map may be generated at any stage or state of the decision objects.
Impactful and realistic decision-making
Decisions have the greatest impact when they tackle the most critical issues, improve fundamental conditions, and alleviate real-world obstacles. The Score Map supports high-level prioritization of decision objects and highlights critical issues for each object. It is based on current, direct, and real-life feedback from the organization about actionable issues. Therefore, the Score Map will guide targeted and selective decisions that are both realistic and guaranteed to have an impact.
Two-way transparency
The Score Map provides a transparent foundation for decision-making by presenting undistorted and unfiltered data that enables decision-makers to make informed and objective decisions. The transparency of the Score Map helps to alleviate mistrust, prevent distractions, and mitigate personal agendas in the decision-making process. Moreover, the decisions taken will be transparent, meaningful, and helpful to the organization as they are in sync with real-world challenges, resources, and opportunities. This increases ownership and reduces resistance in the organization.
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