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Simple solutions

for stronger execution

Simple solutions for stronger execution
Benelizer® delivers simple and proven solutions for companies that want to strengthen execution - and want to avoid more rules, heavier documentation requirements and longer powerpoint presentations.
Benelizer® Cloud
Benelizer® Cloud is a user-friendly and efficient online solution to collect knowledge, follow-up, and create an overview over important ideas, projects and initiatives.

Read about 8 unique benefits from Benelizer® Cloud
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Benelizer® Workshops are a quick and efficient way to gather a group around a challenge and reach solutions with large gains and high likelihood of realization.
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Benelizer® Master Classes
In a short time, Benelizer® Master Classes provide participants with the tools that have the largest impact on significant challenges within execution and collaboration.
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Jes Anker Batting
Chief Strategy Officer, Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S
Often a lot of bureaucracy and reporting is introduced, which removes focus from the value-creating tasks, so it was important for me to choose the solution that gave us the most useful reports with the least possible effort.

With Benelizer, we were able to eradicate a lot of Excel sheets and heavy administrative tasks, and at the same time we got updated information about status, resources and obstacles. It has enabled us to react faster and maintain momentum.

Benelizer has a great deal of knowledge and always provides useful sparring.
Lars Vesterløkke
Managing director, chief editor, Ritzau
Projects are growing, and it is also very easy to come up with new projects. And the more people involved, the greater the risk. Therefore, it is important to have a common language that can ensure the limitation and good prioritization of resources, even if many employees are involved.

We have been able to implement this in a very short time in Ritzau, because the way of thinking and method is so simple and the communication very clear. It was easy to understand, obviously true, and therefore everyone was on board right away.
Benny Mai
General Manager, Head of Contract Management and PMO, Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S
Gathering information is often a heavy or random process, and I'm impressed with how simple and accurate Benelizer has solved it with automation, algorithms, and ease of use.

Benelizer has removed a lot of noise and given us a more useful and realistic picture of our projects. It has lifted us and made our meetings far more efficient.

Benelizer is a tool I wouldn't do without.
Peder Andersen
Regional Director, Daloon A/S
The balance between operations and development can be difficult. We had a desire to be able to execute more projects without it affecting operations.

Benelizer has taught us how to optimize gains for our projects and given us some simple and efficient tools, which means that we are now completing more important projects. We have become much sharper, have a better overview, and it has become more motivating to work on projects.

I have been really pleased with the collaboration and Benelizer has been good at adapting the solutions and efforts to our reality. We would never have gotten this far without Benelizer.
Kristoffer Sundberg
CEO, Sun-Air of Scandinavia
We have been working with Benelizer for a longer period of time, both in the management team and in our teams. Benelizer has innovative solutions and has the methods to create an overview and simplifying things. I have been very pleased with the collaboration and their approach to our business. They get my warmest recommendation.
Thomas Øiseth Munkholm
Owner, Weibel Scientific
Benelizer has led us safely and efficiently through the process of qualifying our initiatives and building alignment in the leadership team.

Working with Benelizer has induced energy and focus to our leadership meetings. Thanks to Benelizer’s framework, we focus on relevant issues in a structured way, which leads to clarity and aligned decisions.

I recommend Benelizer to any company that wants to accelerate execution - and is playing to win!
Birgit Michelsen
VP Technology & Innovation, Deerland
Benelizer has taught us to focus on the project gains and make our projects smaller and easier to implement. Our project managers have been given some simple tools that make it easy to define the projects, so that it is clear what is in scope and what is out of scope.
Happy customers
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