When you want to make sure

never to forget a good idea

Benelizer® Idea Bank

Get a live and updated map of your all ideas and proposals

Benelizer® Idea Bank is an efficient solution to maintain an updated and qualified overview of the ideas and proposals that will create the most value and be the easiest to implement.

With Benelizer® Idea Bank you will always have a fact-based map of the ideas, proposals, opportunities or projects that you should focus on right now – and those you should stop wasting your time on.

How it works

Results guaranteed

You will get an updated and qualified overview of the ideas and suggestions that have the highest likelihood of realization and of creating value. We can guarantee this, because:

The employees who are closest to and have the greatest insight into your products, competences, processes etc. participate in the qualification. This ensures that all relevant insights are taken into account.
The qualification criteria are clear. This removes noise and makes it possible to qualify ideas and suggestions early and fast. This means that you won’t waste your time on refining ideas that most likely won’t create value.
All ideas and suggestions are assessed independently and individually by each employee. This ensures that it’s not the atmosphere of the room or the one who speaks first or the most, that determines which idea to focus on.
The process is automated which means that questions will be sent automatically, answers collected, and dashboards generated. This ensures that the idea bank is maintained and always shows the most current picture. This means that you can spend your time implementing the best ideas instead.

Advantages of Benelizer® Idea Bank

  • Updated map of the ideas that will create the most value and be the easiest to implement.
  • Knowing that the best idea will always stand out clearly – no matter when it has arisen.
  • Minimal amount of time used for maintenance, since the process is automated with the Benelizer’s app and online dashboards.
  • High validity of assessments since it’s easy to include all relevant employees in the assessments.
  • Minimizes the time spent on refining ideas that aren’t valuable in the end.
  • Clear which ideas that have the biggest support and therefore don’t need to be “pitched” to the employees.

Questions and answers

Which advantages are there compared to an online collaboration tool?

Benelizer® Idea Bank Online collaboration tool

Automated process with low time consumption to qualification of ideas and suggestions.


Open process where a lot of time is often spent on discussing and refining ideas and suggestions that aren’t important.

Quality of assessments

All ideas and suggestions are assessed equally and individually by all relevant employees, based on a clear set of criteria.


Often a discussion-driven process where its random who assesses what and how.

Assurance of the best idea being chosen

All assessments are continuously updated in an automated process which ensures that no ideas are overlooked – regardless of when they arose.


Assessments are often not updated as the company’s external environment, resources, and goals change. Therefore, the latest ideas will often get the highest amount of attention.


You will always have an updated matrix of which ideas and suggestions that will create the most value and be the easiest to complete.


Often difficult to create an overview of which ideas that are the most important to implement right now.

Can the solution be used for other things than ideas and suggestions?


Benelizer® Idea Bank has, among others, been used for:

  • Product Road Map – prioritization of development ideas and new products
  • Project qualification – qualification of possible projects
  • Sales Opportunities – ongoing assessment of value and probability
  • Strategic initiatives – ongoing prioritization of focus areas
  • Backlog – ongoing prioritization of topics in agile backlog
  • Marketing – qualification of potential campaigns
  • Well-being of employees – qualification of HR and well-being initiatives

Can we import our current list of ideas and suggestions?


We are of course happy to help start up the idea bank with all the ideas and suggestions that you already have – no matter which format you use.

Is the cloud solution safe?


All of Benelizer’s cloud solutions are hosted by 24-hour-monitored ISAE3402-certified datacenters in Denmark:

  • 100% redundant infrastructure
  • WMware with N+1 redundancy
  • Cisco ASAv10 firewall
  • UPS facilities and diesel generators
  • ISA3402 type II statement of assurance
  • Anti-theft protection
  • Geographically separated locations
  • Separate and secured database for each customer

Automatic backup:

  • Hourly backup of the last 14 days
  • Daily backup of the last 31 days
  • Monthly backup of the last 11 months

Do you have GDPR-rules under control?


No person-sensitive data is stored in Benelizer’s cloud solutions.

Read more about GDPR and our Security Governance here.

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