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How to take control of the conversation and get happy customers

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Improved customer satisfaction


Improved job satisfaction


Improved retention

Master Class | Master Class in constructive customer conversations

Learn how to turn difficult customer conversations into excellent service

In this Master Class, participants will learn how to handle difficult conversations with customers and clients and turn them into a positive service experience. Participants will learn effective communication techniques to make customers feel comfortable and well taken care of, even when their demands and requests cannot always be met.
1 | Training
In high-pressure situations, many people intuitively and unconsciously communicate in a way that increases insecurity in the conversation partner, leading the conversation astray.

During the training, participants will learn to understand the dynamics of a difficult conversation and steer clear of the signals that create insecurity for the other person.

Additionally, participants will learn to apply four specific tools that create a sense of security and provide a positive service experience, even when the customer's demands and requests may not be immediately met.
Participants learn:
A simple model for placing the customer's interests at the center of the conversation
How to deliver bad news effectively
4 warning signals that make the customer uneasy and escalate the conflict
4 service signals that create a sense of security for the customer, even when their requests cannot be accommodated
2 | Follow-up
During the follow-up, participants share their experiences with applying the tools in their daily work, and the instructor answers questions and provides direct guidance to the participants.

The follow-up ensures that everyone gains the maximum benefit from the tools in as many situations as possible.
Can be held virtually or physicallly with safe distance.
Micro-dosing for a busy working life
This Master Class is designed according to Benelizer's principle of "microdosing", where participants receive precisely the tools that will have the greatest impact on their specific challenge in a short period of time. This allows for the training to be easily integrated and absorbed when it is most needed.
Henrik Nielsen
Executive Vice President, Northern Europe, DSV
Thank you very much for your classes. They have initiated many important conversations in our organisation and I feel certain that we will never forget the key insights.
Improved customer retention
Improved customer satisfaction
Enhanced customer experiences
Increased security and job satisfaction for service representatives or salespeople
More efficient customer handling and case management
Simple tools that have demonstrated immediate effectiveness after the training
Short training sessions that are easy to incorporate into everyday work life
1.5 hours training + 1 hour follow-up after 4 weeks
Number of participants:
Max. 12 persons per class
On location and virtual
This master class is aimed at customer service representatives, salespeople, and case handlers who need to handle difficult conversations, complaints, or deliver bad news to customers and clients.
Situations, examples, and slides can be customized to fit the customer's business.
Baseprice per class:
1,200 EUR
Participant price:
175 EUR/person
Who trains?
Heini L. Hansen has 20 years of international leadership experience. Heini has a degree in civil economics from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in Copenhagen. He has also completed leadership courses at MIT, Harvard and Berkeley in the US.
Christina Bendixen Andersen has worked with business development, communications and marketing since 2003. Christina has a degree in communications from Copenhagen Business School (CBS).
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Book 15 min. with a trainer
Get a non-binding presentation of this master class
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