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How to maintain control over your project portfolio

Learn how to get a real time overview of all your projects.
How satisfied are you with your portfolio overview? How much time did it take to create? And is it even true and useful? It can be difficult to get an overview of all projects, and it can make it difficult for the management to support the projects and prioritize resources.

With Benelizer® Cloud, you always have an updated and shared overview of your project portfolio.

On Timelines, you get an overview of all project plans, where red, yellow, and green markings show the current expectations for the completion of tasks, work packages, projects, and programs.

On the Score map, you can see which projects are running smoothly and which require special attention to succeed.

Under Matrices, you can easily group the projects and for example, view the projects in a pipeline or an Ansoff matrix.

Finally, the Workload dashboard automatically sums up how many projects and tasks each department and employee are involved in.

All dashboards are automatically updated and can be filtered interactively based on a wide range of criteria.

In other words, Benelizer® Cloud makes it easy for you to identify projects in need of attention and get an overview of the entire portfolio.
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Take control over your portfolio

Portfolio management
Get a combined and interactive overview of all your projects


Spend your efforts on what is most important

strategy execution
Strategy execution
Get a current overview of the strategy execution