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How to find good solutions - even without a good atmosphere

Read how you can find good solutions - even when there is a lot at stake, different interests or things are stuck.
If you have worked with idea generation or held brainstorms, you may have found it difficult to get the participants excited. Most of us think that we have to create a lot of good atmosphere, motivation and enthusiasm to begin with. We think this is NECESSARY to spark creativity.

In many situations, however, a pep talk works counterproductive, and can cause a lot of the participants to disengage. And that's a pity, because in most cases, the "good mood" is not at all a prerequisite for finding solutions and generating ideas.

On the contrary, it is often the case that the good asmosphere, motivation and enthusiasm come as the participants find the solutions.

Benelizer® Ideation Workshop is based on a process that does not depend on everyone being excited from start. We measure success by whether participants are happy when we are done. This means that we can always find good solutions - even when there is a lot at stake - different interests - or things are stuck.
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Benelizer® Ideation Workshop
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