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How to get everyone to contribute with good ideas

Read why some employees never speak up - and how to ensure that EVERYONE can contribute with good ideas.
If you have worked with idea generation or conducted brainstorming sessions, you may have experienced difficulty in getting participants to contribute. Perhaps there are one or two individuals who are eager to speak up, but there are several others who are hesitant and do not contribute. And sometimes, it is those who know the most who say the least.

This typically happens when not enough effort is made to STIMULATE idea generation.

You cannot expect an employee or colleague to come up with a good idea on command just because you have allocated time and written "idea generation" on the board. Many people feel pressured to say something brilliant, and this often INHIBITS both creativity and the quality of the ideas that emerge. That pressure cannot be alleviated by simply saying, "the floor is open" or "now everyone should just speak their minds."

It requires a PROCESS that focuses on the participants' knowledge and experience BEFORE asking for ideas and suggestions.

Moreover, participants' minds are filled with numerous urgent tasks and frustrations. These need to be set aside!

Otherwise, most people will only come up with ideas related to what currently preoccupies them.

At Benelizer® Ideation Workshop, we have a thoroughly tested stimulation process that ensures everyone can contribute constructively, regardless of their personality type, temperament, and state of mind. The process also includes a systematic mapping of possible actions, which stimulates participants' creativity before they formulate their ideas. This way, we neutralize the pressure, direct attention, and ignite creativity effectively.
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