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turn facts into action

About Benelizer A/S

Benelizer® is a cloud and consulting company that has developed a number of fact-based methods and tools to efficiently collect the knowledge that already exists within the organization and to quickly turn it into concrete solutions and opportunities.

We solve tasks for companies in all industries and in all sizes that wish to find new opportunities, streamline execution, or create an overview over the initiatives that are essential to the company’s development.

Benelizer’s unique methodology

The uniqueness of Benelizer’s methodology consists of a structured and efficient collection and processing knowledge. Often knowledge about challenges and solutions already exists within the company. But sometimes, this knowledge is overlooked or overheard due to long discussions, unclear criteria, and noise.

Therefore, Benelizer has developed an efficient methodology supported by a user-friendly cloud solution, which makes you capable of collecting and utilizing facts as well as identifying opportunities based on clear criteria.

Advantages for you

Benelizer’s unique methodology means that we can always guarantee:

Short and efficient processes where we use our technology to minimize the amount of time used and maximize the quality
Overview over opportunities in manageable dashboards and summaries – instead of thick reports that end up in the drawer
Targeted solutions that are based on facts about your challenges, opportunities, goals and resources – and not theoretical models or statistics from other companies