Action requires strategic

and dynamic insight

Why Benelizer?

At Benelizer®, we base our work on three assumptions:

No organisation has unlimited resources.
At a given time, something is more important than something else.
There is no point in working on inititives, which the organisation cannot implement successfully or realize  the benefits from.

Therefore ...

If you want to develop your business, you need to always focus on those initiatives, which are most important, i.e. best support your development goals, and which also have the greatest likelihood of success.

A multidimensional and dynamic challenge

It seems obvious and simple that you need to focus on those inititatives, which best support the company’s development goals and have the greatest likelihood of realization.

But in practice, this is quite difficult.

Do you know, what percentage of your total resources you are spending on fulfilling the five most important development goals? Do you know, how many resources you have spent the past three years on initiatives, which do not support any of the prioritized development goals? Do all employees understand the most important development goals and are they able to prioritize? Do you remember to evaluate your total portfolio of initiatives and shut down initiatives when launching new?

Only few leaders are able to answer these questions, and there are 3 reasons why it is difficult to secure a direct link between “what we want” and “what we do”:

  1. First, a company has more than one development goal and there are more than one possible way to fulfill each goal.
  2. Second, every organisation has several ongoing initiatives and projects – and many requests for new initiatives across departments, programmes, project types, etc.
  3. Third, changes are happening at an ever increasing speed, which requires continual adjustment of both the development goals and the ongoing initiatives.

In other words, you are facing a multidimensional and dynamic issue, which is not possible to solve using static, list-based tools.

You need a “pulse rate monitor”, which will at all times tell you if you are working on those inititaives, which best support your development goals and have the greatest likelihood of success. Also when you adjust your goals or are challenged by external changes.

We have developed Benelizer®, so that you may take control of the development of your business and succeed with changes.