When you want rapid

improvements in your sales

Sales Improvement Workshop

Find the opportunities for improvement that have the greatest effect on sales and are the quickest to implement

Benelizer’s Sales Improvement Workshop is an efficient solution if you, for instance, wish to…

  • Retain your customers for a longer period of time
  • Increase the order value per customer
  • Reduce churn
  • Increase Life-Time-Value (LTV) of your customers
  • Create more sales to existing customers
  • Increase your market share
  • Improve customer experience
  • Enter new markets

Benelizer’s Sales Improvement Workshop is an efficient method to identify and select concrete solutions with high gains potential and high likelihood of realization for your sales challenge.

After the workshop you will have a prioritized and weighted list with improvements that you can quickly implement.

How it works

Benelizer Improvement Workshop
  1. The participants receive material and instructions from Benelizer and then send concrete suggestions of improvement.
  2. Joint online walk-through of suggestions based on Benelizer’s template to ensure that everyone understands the benefits and challenges of each suggestion (about 1.5 hours).
  3. The participants score all suggestions individually based on a set of criteria for value and likelihood of realization via Benelizer’s app (about 15 minutes).
  4. Joint online walk-through of results and Benelizer’s SCORE map, which shows all the suggestions in a matrix based on value and likelihood of realization, so that it is clear, which proposals you should focus on (about 1.5 hours).

Results guaranteed

You can expect to get 10 – 20 relevant suggestions and 3-5 of them will score high enough for you to be able to implement them right away and thereby realize the benefits. We can guarantee this, because:

The format is centered around concrete opportunities. This ensures that you are not left with more problems or new questions.
The suggestions are made by those who have the biggest insight into the company’s customers, competencies, processes, etc. This ensures that you’re not left with theoretical suggestions or unattainable ideals.
The people that will benefit from the solutions and implement them, are also the ones participating. This ensures organizational support, so that you don’t have to “sell” the ideas afterwards.
The criteria for scoring and selection are clear. This removes noise and ensures that you can start implementing the best suggestions right away.
All suggestions are heard and assessed equally and independently. This ensures high validity and that you don’t overlook any good opportunities or overhear important insights.


  • Quick and efficient format with a guarantee of solutions with high gains and high likelihood of realization
  • Selected and not selected suggestions are widely supported
  • Works with groups where the participants have different backgrounds and temperaments, since it’s not discussion driven
  • Online sessions are possible – travel expenses travel and expenses for meeting facilities can be avoided
  • Short sessions and minimal preparation time makes it easy to find a time where everybody are available

Questions and answers

Who should participate?

You may invite the employees who have direct contact with customers or who in some other way have an impact on the customer’s experience, for instance:

  • Sales persons
  • Account managers
  • Business development managers
  • Customer service employees
  • Customer support employees
  • Employees in internal service functions and back office
  • Customer consultants
  • Operators, fitters and others, who deliver and implement

Can we purchase extra help to generate ideas?


In the case where participants do not wish to prepare individually or need help to identify and formulate relevant solution proposals, we offer a targeted ideation workshop where the challenge and possible solution elements are uncovered together. This takes approx. 2 hours and works best by psychical attendance.

Which advantages are there compared to traditional brainstorming?

Sales Improvement Workshop Traditional brainstorming
Total use of hours per participant
3.5 hours

No need for subsequent specification of proposals.

approx. 12 hours

A traditional brainstorming often takes a fair amount of time for the following specification of proposals.

Calender time until solution
approx. 1 week

Proposals are selected when the workshop is completed.

approx. 60 days

Often, a lot of time will be needed after brainstorming before proposals have been concretized, presented and selected.

Choice of solution

The scoring and selection criteria are clear, which ensures focus on solutions with high value and high likelihood of realization.


Risk of focus on the most comprehensive or complicated solutions or the participants who speak the loudest or most convincingly about their own suggestions.

Demands for participants

All suggestions are heard and assessed equally and independently of the participants speech skills. Therefore, the only requirement is that the participants have experience with or knowledge about the topic.


The outcome depends on how active, open and cooperative the participants are, as well as the participant’s speech and listening skills.

Selected customers

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