All your initiatives and projects

on a single interactive dashboard

A clear view ensures timely decisions

Benelizer® is a method, which helps you prioritize and make targeted decisions by continually keeping an eye on the alignment between your company’s goals and initiatives and on what is needed to succeed with each initiative.

All data are collected automatically and presented in clear graphs and reports. Benelizer® saves all data and you can tag all initiatives with as many dimensions you like. This makes it easy to gain insights across e.g. projects and departments, enabling you to increase your company’s likelihood of success.

SCOR Map™ continually monitors

the health of all your initiatives

Your main dashboard in Benelizer® is the interactive SCOR Map™, which measures to which extent all your ongoing initiatives and projects support the company’s development goals, and how likely it is that they will be realized.

You may at any time see which initiatives are in good shape, which initiatives require more attention and which initiatives you should put on hold or stop.

All initiatives are rated based on four health parameters shown with four flags in the colours red, yellow or green to indicate status of each parameter.

You may follow all initiatives interactively over time, filter on e.g. programme levels, project types, stages and departments as well as dig deeper into the data. This allows you to identify, where you need to pull and add ressources to succeed.

The four flags

S | Stated goals and objectives

To which extent does the initiative support the company’s goals and create value?
“Are we doing the right thing?”

O | On time and budget

To which extent are we observing time schedules and budgets for the initiative?
”Are we doing it on time?”

C | Context

To which extent do we have the right resources and competences?
”Are we doing it the right way?”

R | Realization

How likely is it that we can implement the initiative and realise the projected benefits after the implementation?
”Do we get anything out of it?”

Automatic collection of data

The interactive SCOR Map™ is generated from answers that Benelizer® automatically and periodically collects directly from all stakeholders. The questions are concrete and can be answered in few minutes either online or via a user-friendly mobile app.

Benelizer® contains a library of questions and templates for different project types and stages. The questions cover all four health parameters and the answers are weighed to a total score for each initiative.

You may of course adjust both questions and templates so that your follow-up and SCOR Map™ contains the information that is most relevant to your business and your decisions.