Getting started

A strong network of certified partners

Benelizer® is a fully managed service, and our network of certified partners are ready to implement and manage Benelizer® for you. All our partners have extensive executive experience and are trained Benelizer® Navigators. This ensures that insights are quickly turned into effective management decisions.

Please contact one of our partners for more information.


Lise Balstrup

Balstrup Review

Lise Balstrup owns Balstrup Review and is an expert in creating coherence between business strategy and innovation. As a top executive, Lise has created results for companies in the food, biotech and chemistry industries.


Mogens Mikkelsen


Mogens Mikkelsen owns Novateam and is an expert in project management, change management and benefit realization. Mogens is the author of the book “Ledelse af komplekse projekter” and researches management of complex projects at the IT University of Copenhagen.


Verner Bentzen

Bentzen Consulting

Verner Bentzen owns Bentzen Consulting and is an expert in strategy execution, organisation and processes. Verner is a professional board member and supervises MBA students at Middlesex University.


Anette Næsborg

Result Management

Anette Næsborg owns Result Management and is an expert in strategy, change management and execution. As advisor and board member, Anette has created development and results for companies in among others the financial and health industries.


Louise Buur Hørlyck

ACTIO Consulting

Louise Buur Hørlyck owns ACTIO Consulting and is an expert in strategy implementation, business development and management. Louise has created changes and results for companies in among others the health, science and production industries.


Lars Møller


Lars Møller owns RESULTPARTNER, who are experts in strategy execution. RESULTPARTNER has created results under complex cultural, market and organisational conditions for Danish and international companies in multiple industries. Lars Møller is the author of the business handbook “Strategieksekvering”.


Quality assured delivery

All partners are certified Benelizer® Navigators and must follow Benelizer’s guidelines and processes for counseling, quality assurance and documentation.

Annual renewal of system administration and data analysis certification.
Quality assurance and documentation of counseling via standardised delivery models.
Verification of system configuration by Benelizer A/S.
Sample control of all deliveries by Benelizer A/S.