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Consulting approach
Hiring management consultants often involves high costs, resource drain, high implementation efforts, and organizational resistance. Benelizer® has developed a methodology and technology that offers a cost-effective and effortless consulting approach, eliminating all these challenges. The solution has been proven to produce speedy and highly valuable outcomes for a wide range of business challenges across several industries.

The consulting approach is based on Nobel Prize-winning science and emphasizes:
Likelihood of success over idealistic aspirations
Only initiatives that are actually implemented create value. Uncompleted initiatives are essentially a waste of time and money. Therefore, our approach is designed to produce realistic recommendations with a high likelihood of success over idealistic aspirations that may never be implemented.
Visibility and tactical overview over planning and controlling
While planning and controlling is important, the process is often bureaucratic, retrospective and time consuming. This may lead to sub-optimal or delayed decision making. Therefore, our approach is designed to increase visibility and produce tactical overviews that enable our customers to take timely and informed decisions in a rapidly changing business landscape.
Speed and transparency over comprehensive processes
Comprehensive processes with multiple layers of information processing, decision-making, and approvals tie up a lot of resources. Moreover, they may lead to diluted decision quality and unengaged employees as critical insights are lost in translation. Therefore, our approach emphasizes a speedy and transparent feedback loop to improve decision quality and foster a culture of empowerment and ownership among employees.
Case stories
Eliminating bureaucracy in strategy execution
Prioritization of product add-ons in fast moving B2C market
Optimizing strategic value creation in product development
Ensuring business value of multimillion-euro ERP investment
Solving the dilemma of experimental project execution
Aligning and empowering top management for new strategy
Fostering strategic thinking in international management team
Reclaiming control of struggling project portfolio
Shared overview of 100+ decentralized initiatives
Improving customer service in a highly competitive market
Attracting and engaging top talent to world-class team
First aid for meltdown in marketing
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