Security governance (GDPR)

Your personal data and business confidential data requires secure data processing

At Benelizer, we take the security of your personal and business data seriously. We have organized a practice that ensures that we as a Data Processor comply with the practices and rules of GDPR.

Personal Information Definition

Personal information includes information related to a person that can be used to directly or indirectly identify the person. It can be anything from a name, photo, email address, or a computer’s IP address. 

Personal Sensitive Information Definition

Personal Sensitive Information include information about people’s religious, political and sexual preferences, health information as well as information about race, union membership, etc. A name is not Personally Sensitive data in itself, but is regarded as Personal Information.

Data Processor and Data Controller

Benelizer is considered a data Processor and Benelizer ’s customers are considered to be Data Controllers. According to good practice, our customers must as Data Controller in particular take care that no sensitive personal information is entered and saved in the Benelizer Application. Customers should also enforce best practices and secrecy for passwords. 


When you subscribe to the Benelizer application you accept the standard Terms and Conditions and at the same time you also enter into a Data Processing Agreement between you as Data Controller and Benelizer as Data Processor. This is complemented by Benelizer’s Privacy Policy.

The Data Processing Agreement documents subjects such as:

  • The legal basis
  • Notification duty
  • Responsibility
  • Types of data being processed
  • Data location


Links to Benelizer data security related documents: