When you need new ideas

that can improve your sales

Sales Ideation Workshop

Find new sales opportunities

Sales Ideation Workshop is a thoroughly tried, tested and effective method to gather a group around a sales challenge, have everyone participate and find new concrete ideas to how you can:

  • Maintain your customers for a longer period of time
  • Increase the order value per customer
  • Reduce churn
  • Increase Life-Time-Value (LTV) of your customers
  • Create more sales to existing customers
  • Increase your market share
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Enter new markets

After the workshop you will have a portfolio of concrete ideas to how can quickly improve your sales.

How it works

Results guaranteed

You can expect 6-12 new, relevant ideas of which half are suggestions that you can easily start right away. We can guarantee this, because:

The group is large enough to be creative and small enough to create a safe environment, where everyone share their knowledge and ideas.
The three-part process ensures that all options are uncovered and that all the best opportunities are brought to the surface – even from employees who are typically overheard.
The employees who are closest to the company’s customers and have the biggest insight in your products, competences, processes etc. participates. This ensures that all relevant ideas are put out in the open.
The format leads to the formulation of concrete opportunities. This ensures that you are not left with just a list with new questions or incomprehensible ideas.
The employees assess the ideas based on a set of clear criteria. This ensures that the suggestions brought up are prioritized on the spot and that the best suggestions will be widely supported.

Advantages of workshop

  • Guarantee of relevant ideas of high quality
  • Works with all personality types – even the “quiet ones”
  • Everyone is heard – no good ideas are overlooked
  • The ideas are concretely formulated and prioritized on the spot
  • High ownership – the ideas do not need to be “sold” afterwards
  • Small groups make it easy to arrange

Questions and answers

Who should participate?

You may invite the employees who have direct contact with customers or who in some other way have an impact on the customer’s experience, for instance:

  • Sales persons
  • Account managers
  • Business development managers
  • Customer service employees
  • Customer support employees
  • Employees in internal service functions and back office
  • Customer consultants
  • Operators, fitters and others, who deliver and implement

What do we do if we would like the input of more than eight people?

This can easily be done.

If you would like ideas from more than eight people, it is of course possible to do more workshops.

In addition, it is possible to let more persons than just the workshop participants assess the ideas from the workshop. This is possible with Benelizer’s app, where you can invite an unlimited number of employees to score and assess the ideas from the workshop.

A “Peer Review” like this is an efficient way of including more people and creating even higher validity and support.

Which advantages are there compared to the use of external specialists?

Sales Ideation Workshop External specialists
Relevance of suggestions

It is you who make the suggestions based on your joint knowledge about clients, processes, opportunities and challenges. In other words, it is the persons who best know the company, who find the solutions. This guarantees high relevance and likelihood of realization.

“Best practice”

Suggestions are often based on literature, best practices or experiences from other companies. This involves the risk of you not finding solutions that are better than the competitors’ – or solutions that won’t fit with your own company.

Calender time until suggestions
1 day

The process is designed to quickly get the participants’ knowledge turned into concrete suggestions.

30 – 90 days

It will often take a long time for external specialists to get to know your company and to start bringing ideas to the table.


Tried and tested methodology and technology makes the process efficient.


Often many man hours at a high hourly rate, including time spend for investigation and reporting.

Ownership of suggestions

Suggestions are made and assessed by the ones who need to bring them to life in the company. This guarantees a wide support and a high ownership.


Often, there will be a need to “sell” the solutions to the organization or a need for comprehensive change of management.

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