A guaranteed boost

– with progress and focus

Benelizer® as an engine for the execution

Benelizer® regularly monitors the ”pulse” of the execution of your initiatives and projects, and supports the ongoing decisions at management and project level. Thereby, Benelizer® increases the speed and direction of the execution and at the same time boosts the competences of employees and management.

Benelizer® is a fully managed service, where a certified Benelizer® Navigator implements and manages Benelizer® and ongoingly delivers insights and data to the management group. A Benelizer® Navigator ensures that Benelizer® is efficiently implemented, and that the most important insights are utilized. Within few months, the management group is expected to be able to take decisions, which will free considerable resources and increase the company’s likelihood of realizing the most important goals.

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Benelizer® as a focused effort

You may use Benelizer® in a focused effort at management or project level.

Execution Alignment

Execution Alignment is a half or full day program with the management team. The purpose is to create energy around and focus on the execution of your initiatives and projects. Benelizer’s SCOR map is an important part of the method at Execution Alignment, where the management team will form a shared understanding and picture of priorities, opportunities and challenges.


Execution Reboot

Execution Reboot is a one to two-day program with the management. The purpose is to ensure that you (only) focus and work on those initiatives and projects, which best supports your current goals or burning issues. Thanks to Benelizer’s scoring method, it will become clear what must be paused or stopped and what must be initiated – and how.


Project Fundamentals

Project Fundamentals are focused working meetings, where the project responsibles learn to work efficiently on their projects. This includes concretizing initiatives and projects, aligning expectations, and handling changes. The purpose is to ensure that you (only) work on what you have agreed to, and that you are able to execute efficiently.


Project Dynamics

Project Dynamics is a limited number of monitoring of a limited number of initiatives. Project Dynamics gives a realistic picture of the respondents’ priorities, challenges and ”ownership” of goals and initiatives. Project Dynamics points to where you need to focus to remove the obstacles, which prevent or slow down change and progress.


Secure hosting

ISAE3402 certified hosting

All solutions are hosted in 24 hour monitored ISAE3402 certified data centres:

  • 100% redundant infrastructure
  • WMware with N+1 redundancy
  • Cisco ASAv10 firewall
  • UPS plants og diesel generators
  • ISA3402 type II audit
  • Anti-theft
  • Geographically separated locations
  • Separate and secure database for each customer

Automatic backup:

  • Backup every hour of the last 14 days
  • Daily backup of the last 31 days
  • Monthly backup of the last 11 months