Fully managed service

– with ongoing insights and progress


Benelizer® is a fully managed service, where a certified Benelizer® Navigator implements and manages Benelizer® and ongoingly delivers insights and data to the management group. A Benelizer® Navigator ensures that Benelizer® is efficiently implemented, and that the most important insights are utilized. Within few months, the management group is expected to be able to take decisions, which will free considerable resources and increase the company’s likelihood of realizing the most important goals.



Setup ensures that you are off to a quick and secure start. Setup consists of an analysis of your acceleration potential, a management workshop, system setup and approval and instruction of managers before first measurement.

Duration: 2 – 4 weeks

Acceleration potential analysis

The ”Business Risk and Acceleration Potential” analysis draws a profile of the business risks of your ongoing initiatives and provides recommendations as to where you should direct your resources in order to fully utilize your acceleration potential.

Management workshop

On the ½ day management workshop, your Benelizer® Navigator and the management team agree on the goals and objectives that are important to the development and success of your company. The workshop ensures that the management team is aligned about Benelizer®, and that Benelizer® is measuring on the right initiatives.

System setup and approval

Your Benelizer® Navigator makes sure Benelizer® is configured with the settings, users, levels and dimensions relevant for your company. The goals determined during the workshop, as well as master data and questions for all ongoing initiatives, are created in Benelizer®.

Instruction of managers

Your Benelizer® Navigator has individual Skype sessions with your managers to ensure correct data collection and handling of ongoing notifications.

Subscription services

After Setup, delivery consists of ongoing services and license. The ongoing services ensure that Benelizer® monitors correctly and that the management team ongoingly has the insights and data necessary to take effective decisions and ensure progress.

Navigator service

Your Benelizer® Navigator ongoingly analyses dashboards and data in the system, at all times allowing the management team to take effective and timely decisions about the company’s development and spending of resources. Insights are delivered monthly at a management meeting.

Price: 70 EUR/initiative/month excl. VAT *

Administrator service

Your Benelizer® Navigator ongoingly maintains the system, ensuring that all dashboards are at all times updated and correct, including creating and maintaining projects, users and goals.

Price: 40 EUR/initiative/month excl. VAT *


Full access to Benelizer® for everyone, who has interests in or who is working on the companies projects.

Price: 40 EUR/initiative/month excl. VAT *

* Minimum invoicing is 25 projects. Navigator- and Administrator services are mandatory the first 3 months, and may then be unsubscribed individually or all together. The subscription is renewed automatically for a period of 3 months, until unsubscribed. Unsubscription from Navigator- or Administrator service requires that at least one employee in your company is certified Benelizer® Navigator.

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Benelizer Navigator™ Certification

Secure hosting

ISAE3402 certified hosting

All solutions are hosted in 24 hour monitored ISAE3402 certified data centres:

  • 100% redundant infrastructure
  • WMware with N+1 redundancy
  • Cisco ASAv10 firewall
  • UPS plants og diesel generators
  • ISA3402 type II audit
  • Anti-theft
  • Geographically separated locations
  • Separate and secure database for each customer

Automatic backup:

  • Backup every hour of the last 14 days
  • Daily backup of the last 31 days
  • Monthly backup of the last 11 months