When you want to get started quickly

with new initiatives and projects

Master Class | How to minimise scope and maximise outcome

Learn to streamline your initiatives so that you only work on what creates value

At this Master Class you will learn to focus on the gains of your initiatives and eliminate all the tasks that don’t create value. This ensures that you can get started quickly and work efficiently. At the same time, it increases the probability of you getting measurable results from your initiatives and projects.


1 | Big visions and small projects

You will learn to identify manageable and realizable projects that contribute to the realization of your goals and visions by setting a clear set of criteria and including knowledge from relevant employees.

2 | Simplification of project scope

You will learn to use a structured process to simplify the scope of a project so that you only work on what makes a difference.

3 | Validation and support

You will learn how to quickly and efficiently validate your choices and get support from relevant stakeholders by asking targeted questions to the right people.

Results guaranteed

You will get concrete tools to define clear projects with large effect, high likelihood of realization, and wide support. We can guarantee this, because:

You will be working on projects and cases from your own company. This ensures that the tools are put into practice, already on day one.
You will learn to involve the right people in a simple and efficient way by asking the right questions. This ensures that you work on the right projects and have support for the choices that you make.
You will learn to streamline and cut off. This is crucial in order for your projects to get started, to avoid it from going off track – or never hit the finish line.
The content is arranged so that project managers, project owners, leaders, and stakeholders can all participate and work together. This ensures that you have the same tools and a common understanding of how you increase the likelihood of success.


  • Short and efficient format
  • You work on your own projects and cases
  • You can use what you learn for all types of initiatives and projects
  • All tools work independently of project model and governance structure
  • Project managers, project owners, executives and stakeholders can participate together

Questions and answers

Which advantages are there compared to a course in project model?

Benelizer® Master Class Course in project model
Calendar time before practical use

We work on your own projects and cases, so you are already well on your way, before you go home.


Potentially a long time before the project and the organization is adapted to the model.

Requirements for the organization

All tools work independently of any of your other processes and governance structures.


The effect will often be conditioned by the organization incorporating special processes.

Project types
All project types

You can use what you learn for all types of initiatives and projects – also when you have to succeed with something that you have never tried before.

Projects with low uncertainty

The model will often be based on well-known projects with high predictability and low uncertainty.


The content is arranged in such a way that project managers, project owners, executives, and stakeholders cooperate about streamlining the projects.


Often the course is divided, where for instance project managers and project sponsors will focus on their roles and responsibilities separately.

Where has it been used and created results?

The format fits to all types of businesses and has, for instance, been used in:

  • Food production
  • Pharma
  • B2C companies
  • Import and distribution
  • Service companies
  • Order producing companies
  • Tecnology companies

Who should participate?

You can invite both project managers and other stakeholders and executives, who either has the co-responsibility for projects or are affected by them, for instance:

  • Project managers
  • Project owners
  • Project sponsors
  • General managers
  • Department managers
  • Stakeholders
  • Key specialists

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