Dialogue ensures progress 

How Benelizer® works

We believe that the only way to ensure the progress of your projects and your business is by creating alignment between “what you want” and “what is happening right now”. That requires transparency and action.

Via a mobile app, Benelizer® automatically and periodically collects specific information about resources, challenges, goals and realization directly from everybody with knowledge about and interests in each project. All data are presented automatically to you in reports and graphic, interactive dashboards, enabling you to prioritize and optimize your company’s opportunities and ensure that you have everything you need to succeed.

Everybody knows something, nobody knows everything

Benelizer® directly asks everybody affected by an initiative (i.e. management, sponsors, project owners, project managers, project participants, users, customers, etc.) a number of questions. That facilitates the involvement of anyone, who holds relevant insight about what needs to be in place to succeed and what influences the overall prioritization. This means you detect any possible divergences and can remove obstacles immediately.

Ask questions pointing to solutions

The questions in Benelizer® are factual, proactively seek out any possible challenges and point to solutions. Benelizer® asks about the stakeholder’s insight into what is happening, or not happening, right now, and what stands in the way of or must be present to deliver and realise a specific initiative or project, seen from where they stand. This ensures that issues are raised and handled the moment they emerge.

Ask continually

As a project progresses, new knowledge may emerge and influence the project’s likelihood of success. At the same time, changes in the market may alter the project requirements or the project’s importance and value. That is why Benelizer® collects replies periodically. Benelizer® enables you to ask often about conditions, which may change often and conditions, which are critical for success. Throughout a project period, some questions may become increasingly critical. Here, you may increase the question frequency. Reversely, you may decrease the frequency of questions, which become less critical as the project progresses.

Data is collected automatically via a mobile app and Benelizer® automatically reminds respondents of unanswered questions.

Ask about what is needed to succeed

Companies need to focus on those initiatives and projects, which develop the business and create value and which at the same time have the greatest likelihood of success. Success is not just about finishing on time and within budget. That is why Benelizer® also asks whether the right resources and competences are still available and whether the projected benefits can still be realised. Finally, Benelizer® monitors whether the initiative or project is still important and valuable to the company.

Benelizer® monitors 4 parameters:

S – Stated goals and objectives: To which extent does the initiative support the company’s goals and create value?
C – Context: To which extent do we have the right resources and competences?
O – On time and budget: To which extent are we observing time schedules and budgets for the initiative?
R – Realization: How likely is it that we can implement the initiative and realise the projected benefits after the implementation?

Furthermore, stakeholders may recommend solutions or warn about challenges or obstacles via an open question provided by Benelizer®.