Become aware of risks, changes and

unforeseeable obstacles as early as possible

Benelizer® Risk Monitor

Get an overview of your risks in real time based on insights from all relevant employees

Benelizer® Risk Monitor is an efficient solution for automatically collecting critical insights from employees who are the first and best to discover risks, changes and unforeseeable obstacles.

With Benelizer® Risk Monitor you will always have a valid and updated map, which shows what you should react to now, if you wish to avoid losses, delays or mistakes. You can, for instance, use Benelizer® Risk Monitor to be at the forefront of:

  • Changes in market and competitive conditions
  • Risks of ongoing projects and initiatives
  • Early warnings on critical accounts and customer relationships
  • Critical and unforeseeable external influences
  • Upcoming bottlenecks in resources and competencies
  • “Value at risk” for portfolio of initiatives or investments
  • Potential delays and errors in deliveries

How it works

Results guaranteed

You will get an updated and valid overview of which risks, changes and challenges that are the most important to reach to. We can guarantee this because:

The employees who are the closest to the issue and have the greatest insights into the specific risk parameters, will participate in the ongoing assessment. This ensures that all relevant insights will be heard.
The criteria of assessment are clear. This removes noise and makes it possible for you to discover risks, changes and obstacles early and fast.
All parameters will be assessed independently and individually by the relevant employees. This ensures that it’s not the general mood or the person who speaks first or most that determines whether you detect a critical risk.
The process is automated. This means that questions are automatically sent, answers collected, and dashboards generated. This ensures that the overview of risks will be maintained and always shows a current picture – and then you can use your time on mitigating risks instead.

Advantages of Benelizer® Risk Monitor

  • Updated map that always shows what you should react to
  • Efficient since the collection and generation of the overview is automated
  • Easy for employees to contribute as they can reply in a few minutes via an app
  • Fully scalable to all business areas and types of initiatives
  • Easy to adjust parameters and questions
  • Easy to start using as it is independent of other processes
  • High validity as it is based on insights from the persons that are the first and best to discover changes

Questions and answers

Which advantages are there compared to traditional risk management?

Benelizer® Risk Monitor Traditional risk management

Automated pulse ensures that you always have an updated view with a low time consumption.


Often time-consuming process with a low update frequency.


Based on current and specific knowledge from the employees that have the largest and first insights.


Often based on overall assessments made by a few persons.


Easy to uncover and react to local and specific risks without losing overview.


Often based on summary-assessments where its only possible to react to overall risks.


Since most of the processes are automated and the contributors only use a few minutes to give their assessment, the solution is easily scalable.


Price and time consumption in collecting and processing often increases significantly when you wish to increase the accuracy or the scope of your risk assessment.

Where has it been used and created results?

Benelizer® Risk Monitor has, amongst others, been used for:

  • Construction projects to prevent rework and daily fines
  • Market surveillance to detect changes in competitive conditions
  • Development projects to capture changes in commitment among customers and partners
  • Change processes to catch bottlenecks and misunderstandings
  • Investment portfolio to assess “value at risk”
  • IT projects to capture implementation challenges
  • Internal measures to capture missing stakeholder buy-in
  • Cross-organizational projects to capture sudden obstacles and external influences
  • Projects and initiatives with low visibility to ensure “early warnings”

Can we use our own risk parameters?


Parameters and questions are fully configurable. You can therefore easily use the parameters that you are already working with. We will of course also help you develop a set of questions that suit your requirements, initiatives and challenges.

Is the cloud solution safe?


All of Benelizer’s cloud solutions are hosted by 24-hour-monitored ISAE3402-certified datacenters in Denmark:

  • 100% redundant infrastructure
  • WMware with N+1 redundancy
  • Cisco ASAv10 firewall
  • UPS facilities and diesel generators
  • ISA3402 type II statement of assurance
  • Anti-theft protection
  • Geographically separated locations
  • Separate and secured database for each customer

Automatic backup:

  • Hourly backup of the last 14 days
  • Daily backup of the last 31 days
  • Monthly backup of the last 11 months

Do you have GDPR-rules under control?


No person-sensitive data is stored in Benelizer’s cloud solutions.

Read more about GDPR and our Security Governance here.

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