Find new opportunities, streamline

execution and maintain an overview

Efficient and Fact-Based Solutions

Benelizer® is a cloud and consulting company that has developed a number of fact-based methods and tools to efficiently collect the knowledge that already exists within the organization and to quickly turn it into concrete solutions and opportunities.

Covid-19 Friendly Formats

All workshops and Master Classes can be held online or with adequate distance.


Benelizer® Cloud

Benelizer® Cloud is a user-friendly and efficient online solution to collect knowledge, follow-up, and create an overview over important ideas, projects and initiatives.


Strategy Execution

Project Management

Stakeholder Management

Engagement Surveys


Benelizer® Workshops

Benelizer® Workshops are a quick and efficient way to gather a group around a challenge and reach solutions with large gains and high likelihood of realization.

Benelizer® Alignment Workshop


Benelizer® Master Classes

Benelizer® Master Classes teach you how to be more clear, structure feedback and reach the right decisions when a group of people need to succeed together.

How to secure relevant and useful feedback in critical projects

How to efficiently manage meetings and reach decisions

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