Take control of change

with a clear view of all your initiatives

Change requires action

Benelizer® is a method, which helps you develop your business in the direction you want by continually monitoring the health of all your initiatives, at all times allowing you to focus your attention on initiatives that best support your development goals and have the greatest likelihood of realization.

Set course and reach your goals

Benelizer® enables you to prioritize the initiatives that best support your goals and have the greatest likelihood of creating real changes and benefits.

Create clarity and maximize the effect of your initiatives

With Benelizer®, you ensure that goals and priorities are clear to everybody and you prevent the organisation from working on initiatives that are pulling in opposite directions. Benelizer® also helps you discover bottlenecks and initiatives, where unfavourable conditions create obstacles to success.

Stay ahead and make timely decisions

Benelizer® continually monitors the health of all your initiatives. The dashboard is also updated when you adjust your goals. This allows you to make timely and progressive decisions without losing sight and control of your direction.

Benelizer® in 1 minute

The solution

Benelizer® gives you insight, action and results


Benelizer® is a method, which helps you prioritize and make more targeted decisions by providing a clear view of all your ongoing initiatives across e.g. departments, programmes and project types.



Benelizer® ensures that the management team has the insights and data necessary to take decisions, which will free considerable resources and increase the company’s likelihood of realizing the most important goals.


Getting started

It’s easy to get started with Benelizer®. Our network of certified partners implements Benelizer® for you and ensures that insights are quickly turned into effective management decisions. Contact one of our experienced partners to get started.


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